Baby Talk Can Aid in The Learning of Speech In Newborn Babies

A recent study reveals that Baby talk known as “parentese” – typified by high-pitched, slow-paced speaking – may help newborns learn languages. Infant language development has long been connected to parents’ verbal interactions with their children. Early in life, infants begin to learn to control their vocal and articulatory movements by effectively monitoring the time-varyingContinue reading “Baby Talk Can Aid in The Learning of Speech In Newborn Babies”

Why Do Infants Cry? Let Decipher It

Your baby’s cries will be the first thing you notice about their behavior. For example, your infant may scream because they are hungry, wet or uncomfortable, or just because they want a hug. Also, your infant may cry for no apparent cause from time to time. Find out what else may be going on. AContinue reading “Why Do Infants Cry? Let Decipher It”

Does a Baby Breathe Inside the Womb?

Babies do not “breathe” in the womb. Infants, on the other hand, get oxygen for their growing organs from their mother’s breathing. The placenta of the mother provides oxygen to the baby. The placenta sends oxygenated blood to the umbilical cord, which subsequently travels directly to the infant. Beginning in the first trimester, pregnant womenContinue reading “Does a Baby Breathe Inside the Womb?”