Baby’s Immune System are More Powerful Than Adult’s

Infants are susceptible to respiratory illnesses, as any parent knows. Even though most people believe that the adult immune system is better at fighting off new viruses, a recent research suggests that the immune system of a child is actually stronger than previously thought. There’s a common misconception that babies’ immune systems lack the strengthContinue reading “Baby’s Immune System are More Powerful Than Adult’s”

Does a Baby Breathe Inside the Womb?

Babies do not “breathe” in the womb. Infants, on the other hand, get oxygen for their growing organs from their mother’s breathing. The placenta of the mother provides oxygen to the baby. The placenta sends oxygenated blood to the umbilical cord, which subsequently travels directly to the infant. Beginning in the first trimester, pregnant womenContinue reading “Does a Baby Breathe Inside the Womb?”