Anxiety and Postpartum Depression

The term “postpartum” refers to the period following the delivery of a baby. The “baby blues,” or a feeling of sorrow or emptiness, are common after childbirth. The baby blues normally subside after 3–5 days. When the baby blues persist for more than two weeks, postpartum depression may result. Hopelessness or emptiness following delivery isContinue reading “Anxiety and Postpartum Depression”

The Best Ways to Manage and Calm Your Child’s Anger

Everyone gets annoyed at some time, but kids are more inclined than adults to lash out. The inability of children to regulate their emotions is not unusual at any age. Intense emotions may lead to a broad variety of reactions in children, including tantrums, outbursts of shouting, resistance, and even fighting. When parents are busyContinue reading “The Best Ways to Manage and Calm Your Child’s Anger”