Baby Talk Can Aid in The Learning of Speech In Newborn Babies

A recent study reveals that Baby talk known as “parentese” – typified by high-pitched, slow-paced speaking – may help newborns learn languages. Infant language development has long been connected to parents’ verbal interactions with their children. Early in life, infants begin to learn to control their vocal and articulatory movements by effectively monitoring the time-varyingContinue reading “Baby Talk Can Aid in The Learning of Speech In Newborn Babies”

Baby’s Immune System are More Powerful Than Adult’s

Infants are susceptible to respiratory illnesses, as any parent knows. Even though most people believe that the adult immune system is better at fighting off new viruses, a recent research suggests that the immune system of a child is actually stronger than previously thought. There’s a common misconception that babies’ immune systems lack the strengthContinue reading “Baby’s Immune System are More Powerful Than Adult’s”

How Much Water Do We Need to Drink Every Day?

Water is the first thing your body needs. A few days of not eating won’t affect your body in any way. But drinking adequate water is critical to the proper functioning of your body. “Water is vital for the optimal functioning of every cell, tissue and organ in your body.” You can’t go more thanContinue reading “How Much Water Do We Need to Drink Every Day?”

Poor Dental Hygiene Might Harm Your Overall Health

We all learned the basics of dental hygiene in the first grade. Doctors usually advise patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day. But are you genuinely heeding what he says? Because the mouth is the body’s first line of defense, it is critical to maintain proper oral health. A lack of oralContinue reading “Poor Dental Hygiene Might Harm Your Overall Health”