Mysterious object called ‘The Accident’ soaring across the Milky Way

NASA shares how a mysterious object known as ‘The Accident’ has been soaring across the Milky Way galaxy for the past 10 billion years. The universe is an enormous span of space that encompasses everything that exists. All galaxies, stars, and planets can be found in the universe. According to scientists, the universe’s actual sizeContinue reading “Mysterious object called ‘The Accident’ soaring across the Milky Way”

Hologram technology -fast-growing innovation

Hologram technology is the next big thing in the industry, and it’s going to change the way we see the world. Because of its potential and global effect in the technology, the holographic system has become a source of fascination for the general population. Realistic holograms were previously a science fiction fantasy, but because ofContinue reading “Hologram technology -fast-growing innovation”