Does a Baby Breathe Inside the Womb?

Babies do not “breathe” in the womb. Infants, on the other hand, get oxygen for their growing organs from their mother’s breathing. The placenta of the mother provides oxygen to the baby. The placenta sends oxygenated blood to the umbilical cord, which subsequently travels directly to the infant. Beginning in the first trimester, pregnant womenContinue reading “Does a Baby Breathe Inside the Womb?”

Everyday Activities to Promote Brain Development in Your Child

While becoming a parent is both challenging and gratifying, you may find that you are completely unprepared for the responsibilities that come with it. By caring, safeguarding, and guiding your children along the way, you provide a strong basis for their future success. As a parent, you are responsible for preparing your children to beContinue reading “Everyday Activities to Promote Brain Development in Your Child”

Kids Who Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Have Better Mental Health

Mental health is a significant public health issue affecting individuals of all ages, and demographic studies indicate that the prevalence of poor mental health is rising among children and adolescents. Nutrition, a modifiable element at both the individual and societal levels, has a significant impact on health throughout life, is intimately engaged in the formationContinue reading “Kids Who Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Have Better Mental Health”

Is India prepared to accept homeschooling?

Homeschooling has been around for decades, but it has only recently made its way into the mainstream of education. This innovative teaching method has spread throughout the nation and the world. This is an excellent idea, provided, you as a parent have the time and energy to devote to fostering. The current COVID epidemic andContinue reading “Is India prepared to accept homeschooling?”

The 12 Most Effective Strategies for Raising a Competent and Confident Child

Raising happy kids is the ultimate goal of parenting. An important gift parents may offer their children is self-confidence. Because of this, they may be unable to achieve professional success in later life. But we frequently mistakenly believe that pleasure comes from achieving our desires. True happiness is more difficult, but more rewarding. And certainly,Continue reading “The 12 Most Effective Strategies for Raising a Competent and Confident Child”