Action Video Games Can Help Students Improve Their Reading Comprehension

Training reading abilities is essential because children who are unable to read are more likely to struggle in their future endeavors. – It’s not just spoken language skills that are required for reading, but also a number of other executive processes. It’s a complex process that relies on a variety of cognitive talents, not only vocal language skills. The research team found a clear improvement in literacy, not just in terms of reading speed but also in accuracy, even though the action video game does not need any reading effort.

Video games can be beneficial to a child

The team created a video game for youngsters that teaches them how to improve their executive functions, which are crucial for reading comprehension. The player must do a variety of tasks to save the planets and advance the game. There is no blood or gore in the game, therefore it’s safe for small children.

150 Italian youngsters aged 8-13, most of whom are avid readers, took part in the research. They were categorized into two groups based on their gender: The researchers’ game was played by the first group, while Scratch, a coding game, was played by the second. For starters, Daphne Bavelier adds, “we examined the kids’ ability to comprehend words, non-words, and entire paragraphs, as well as their attentional control, a talent we know is developed by action video games. Students were required to play either an action video game or a control video game for six weeks, two hours a week, at school under adult supervision. Observation Diagnosis and Education doctors conducted tests on schoolchildren (UNITN).

Attention-grabbing gameplay is required by both games. It’s a timed game where the kids have to recall a series of symbols in order to progress. In contrast, tackling coding problems in Scratch needs logical reasoning. In addition to a test of their ability to read words, nonwords, and paragraphs, the children also performed a test of their ability to focus their attention.

An increase in reading proficiency over time

Tests on both groups of youngsters were conducted shortly after the conclusion of the instruction. Children who played the action video game showed a seven-fold increase in attentional control compared to those who did not, according to Angela Pasqualotto, the study’s lead author. Furthermore, the study team saw a considerable improvement in reading speed and accuracy compared to the control group, but there was no change in the control group. Even though the action video game does not need any reading engagement, this development in literacy happens.

It was decided to do a second round of testing six, twelve, and eighteen months following the first round of training. Since the action game pupils consistently outperformed their peers, this trend may be expected to continue. As a result, their grades improved as well.

The game will be translated into German, French, and English as part of the NCCR Evolving Language project alongside Irene Altarelli (co-author of the study and researcher at LaPsyDE, University of Paris). “Reading decoding varies by language. French and English are opaque, but Italian is quite transparent. What about reading in French or English? Do action video games help with reading acquisition? This research will assist address that question. To complement classroom courses rather than taking time away from school, the reading and attention assessments will be administered remotely.

The Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

Young children can benefit in a variety of ways from playing video games that have been permitted by their parents and are played in moderation. Even if there are certain drawbacks to playing video games, there are also many unexpected advantages. Playing video games can help children learn new skills and form new friendships. A lot of the time, the imaginations of children that play video games are rather unique.

  • Children have to explore 3D virtual environments, like Minecraft, in many games. As a result, youngsters who play these games get to work on their spatial reasoning abilities.
  • Children who play video games may benefit from a increase in their reading abilities, according to studies.
  • Children’s academic performance can also be improved by playing video games.
  • Children learn problem-solving abilities through video game play.
  • Certain video games’ content can inspire children to engage in academic pursuits like reading and research.
  • For young children, video games provide a common ground where they may form friends.
  • Video games allow children to compete against one other in a friendly competition.
  • According to several studies, children who play these video games develop in three key areas: planning, organization, and flexibility of thought.


 Enhancing reading skills through a video game mixing action mechanics and cognitive trainingNat Hum Behav, 2022 DOI: 10.1038/s41562-021-01254-x

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