Are You Preparing to Send Your Child Back to School? These Precautions Should Never Be Overlooked!

Parents all throughout the country are worried about the health of their children as online learning shifts to offline sessions and traditional schools reopen for the new school year.

Make sure that your children are adhering to all of the proper hygiene practices.

The number of instances of Covid has dropped, bringing the situation back to normal. A large number of institutions around the country have decided to reschedule classes. Parents are understandably anxious about the safety of their children, even if this is a good idea.

Parents, children, and schools would have to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and standards set out by Dr Gurudutt Bhat, a consultant-pediatrician at Fortis Hospital Kalyan. As a parent, you must do all you can to help your child adjust to the new school environment.

There are a few things they’ll need to educate their charges about:    

Putting on a mask; having just one student sit on a single seat; repeatedly sanitizing; checking the temperature; forbidding students from sharing lunch; and so on. There are less opportunities for student-to-student connection because of the shorter school day and the prohibition for after-school exploration.

Dr. Bhat adds a few more considerations

Even when schools reopen, socializing will not be the same because of social distance conventions. As a result of the school’s strict social rules, students will be unable to engage in the kind of pleasant banter that is so essential to a positive school experience. You may prevent creating unrealistic expectations for your children by explaining the new school atmosphere to them beforehand.

Children will soon be able to get the Covid vaccination, so get them immunized. Until then, everyone should acquire their flu vaccines on schedule. In the future, it will be crucial to keep an eye on your children at home. Temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels, and urine color should all be checked on a regular basis in children.

Schools may use a hybrid approach in which virtual functions, assignments, and submissions are used to keep students and instructors in touch.

Assuring children that this won’t stay forever if we follow all hygiene rules will help them get through these difficult moments.

Help your children understand the need of hygiene in this situation. Use hand sanitizer, face masks, and maintain a safe distance from your peers to protect yourself and others from the flu. As long as we adhere to all hygienic guidelines, children will be able to cope with these tough times more easily.

Better training for teachers and schools

Water and sanitary facilities are necessary for a safe reopening of schools. Cleanliness should be a top priority for administrators. Teachers should educate students about physical distance, cleaning procedures for facilities, and correct food preparation processes. The physical distance between teachers and students should also be taught. Dr. Bhat also advises professors to be more tolerant and self-aware of their mental health.

The emotional support of parents and instructors is essential for children as they adapt to schools in person. A lot of attention is paid to establishing relationships and helping students make new acquaintances in the first few months.

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