The Government Is Likely to Implement New Labor Laws Allowing 4-Day Work Week

Everything changed in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. One of the biggest changes was to the way people worked throughout the world. As employers reimagine the workplace post-Covid, it’s possible that the work from home policy might take on new forms, including a four-day work week.

New Labor Laws

According to media sources, the Indian government aims to introduce a four-day work week throughout the nation. A new labour laws, which are expected to go into effect soon, would provide firms the freedom to cut the number of working days per week to four.

The Labor and Employment Secretary, Apurva Chandra, allegedly told News18 that “the number of working days may be lowered to below five.”. “Three paid vacation days are required if it’s four or more… A seven-day week can only be followed if it is divided into four or more working days.”

According to Chandra, the government is finalizing the labor regulations, and states will be submitting their own draughts shortly. He also said that the government is not pressuring businesses to make adjustments. According to him, “the change provides flexibility.” “It’s an enabling provision that keeps up with the changing nature of the workplace. In an effort to improve things, we made some adjustments. This is our attempt at providing some degree of work-day flexibility.”

Companies are introducing surroundings that foster collaboration

Work-life balance is becoming more important for firms worldwide, including those in India. TAC, a San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm with an operation in India, reportedly joined the programme seven months ago in an effort to increase productivity. A report by CNBC claims that technology startup Bolt is the latest to make the switch to this new business model around the globe. More firms are being urged to adopt the 4 Day Week model, according to the study’s findings.

As reported by CNBC, instead of concentrating on how much time people spend at work, 4 Day Week Worldwide pilot programme manager Joe O’Connor says that the emphasis should be on the results and objectives that they are trying to achieve in a week.

An other IT sector trend is letting employees choose which days of the week they want to work from home and which days they want to be in the office. Tata Consultancy Services, India’s biggest IT firm, has revealed a five-year plan for the business in 2025. Five lakh TCS employees will spend just 25 percent of their time at their offices throughout the globe, while associates would spend only 25 percent of their time at work. TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan revealed this policy at the release of the FY20 annual report, saying that just 25 percent of the company’s employees will be co-located in each project at the time.

Employers are also contemplating the hybrid work model as an alternative. Both TCS and Google CEO Sundar Pichai want to make the post-Covid workplace the standard at their respective companies. Earlier this year, in a letter to staff, the business announced that it will move to a mixed work paradigm in the future. Around 60% of workers would come to the office a couple days a week, another 20% would work in different places, and the other 20% worked from home, according to his plan, he had added.

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