Amazon to Launch Global Computer Science Education Initiative in India

E-commerce giant Amazon announced the start of its global computer science education programmes, Amazon Future Engineer (AFE), in India.

Amazon’s Global Computer Science Education Initiative aims to provide computer science education and employment possibilities to over 1 lakh students from 900 public schools in seven states.

A total of one lakh students from 900 government and aided schools in seven Indian states will benefit from Amazon’s global computer science education initiative.

Amazon is working with global knowledge partner, a worldwide non-profit organization to offer superior computer science education to children enrolled in public schools in Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Odisha.

The company stated during a virtual conference that the initiative is aimed at children in grades 6–12 and would provide instructional materials, scholarships, internships, and mentors to teach computer science courses to kids in India, as well as tools for instructors.

Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) program will provide the students a wider range of employment choices by providing them with access to the computer science curriculum in their chosen languages. We encourage kids to develop self-confidence and skills so they can improve their communities in the future.

There are a number of initiatives planned, including the Class Chats facility, where students can speak with Amazonians and learn about careers in the tech industry, and the ‘Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge,’ where students learn about robotics while programming robots and discover how Amazon uses robotics to ship millions of products around world.

“Students from disadvantaged areas in India suffer disproportionate educational obstacles, particularly in the field of computer technology. We are excited to introduce the Amazon Future Engineer programmes to India because we think that all young people, regardless of background, should have access to excellent computer science education. We want to bring the Computer Science curriculum closer to these students in the languages of their comfort and choice, and to provide them with the necessary skills and tools to help them advance in their careers,” said Amit Agarwal, Global Senior VP and Country Head, Amazon India. Source: Amazon Press release.

It is expected that Amazon India would keep expanding its CS-related education programmes in India over the next several years. To help students succeed, Amazon Future Engineer in India offers a variety of opportunities like as internships, problem-solving hackathons, and specialized mentoring programmes.

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