Is India prepared to accept homeschooling?


Homeschooling has been around for decades, but it has only recently made its way into the mainstream of education. This innovative teaching method has spread throughout the nation and the world. This is an excellent idea, provided, you as a parent have the time and energy to devote to fostering. The current COVID epidemic and concern about school reopening has prompted parents to consider other educational choices for their children. Many parents who are dissatisfied with mainstream schools due to growing fees and concerns about their child’s safety and security have been contemplating this alternative for some time.

Homeschooling is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons.

  • In today’s technologically sophisticated society, students may study at their own pace and anyplace.
  • Many parents choose to homeschool their children because they think they can offer a superior education than the local school.
  • If someone desire to start your own company and have the financial means to do so, you can pursue your educational objectives while continuing to participate in your preferred leisure activities.

Additionally, it is becoming a growing trend in several part of India’s largest metropolises, such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi. With growing trend of homeschooling in India, the state government has established some rules for homeschooling, such as establishing an age limit for students who want to sit for examinations.

US & India homeschooling Trends

The idea of homeschooling has gained popularity in the United States and is now being replicated around the world. A 2018 US research found that the number of homeschooled students had risen to millions.

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, more than 2 million children are currently homeschooled in the United States.

In India as per (Source: Page on The Andhra Pradesh Board had 38%  homeschooled students pass while the CBSE had 26%. Regular students were 71 percent and 94 percent respectively.

“Chennaiites say that home-schooling is definitely catching up in the city as many homes are turning into learning spaces. Times of India catches up with a few parents and academicians to know more about the trend”.

What is homeschooling?

 Homeschooling is an educational approach that focuses on teaching a child at home. It is basically attending school from the comfort of one’s own home.  A parent or tutor educates homeschooled children outside of the public education system. Homeschooling gives parents more control over their kids’ education. Many parents of homeschooled children believe that the public-school curriculum lacks essential knowledge and skills. Also, because of its flexibility and focus on individualized/customized learning, homeschooling is more likely to involve field trips and hands-on learning experiences than traditional education.

Is homeschooling permitted in India?

The Ministry of Human Resource Development submitted an affidavit saying that homeschooling is not unlawful and that the RTE Act does not interfere with it. Due to lack of clear policy, in India, evidence of competence is required for homeschooled students to be qualified for further education. Homeschoolers may sit for internationally recognized board examinations administered by NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). So, you may get a legitimate credential from major institutions without putting them through school.

Homeschooling is a newer trend that appears more effective than formal schooling. But both methods have their benefits and drawbacks.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

  • Homeschooled children may benefit from one-on-one attention.
  • Homeschooling enables you to devote as much time as necessary to ensuring that learning occurs.
  • Homeschooling enables parents to evaluate their child’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor courses accordingly.
  • You have a more direct influence on how your child learns daily.
  • A safe refuge free of school-related violence, harassment, and mistreatment.
  • You get the gratification of knowing that your children are growing, learning, and maturing in a manner consistent with your aims and values.
  • Schedules that are adaptable to the needs of the entire family make life easier.
  • Due to the child’s increased attention to detail, their comprehension and mental underpinnings are strengthened.
  • Exposes children to real-world situations and fundamental problem-solving.
  • There is sufficient time available for “premium” parenting.
  • Home-based learning is more effective at developing real-life skills.
  • It is ideal for closing academic gaps and strengthening weak subject areas by extending the devoted time

The drawbacks of homeschooling

  • Less contact with big groups of children of the same age group on a daily basis impact their social lives.
  • It is not appropriate for working parents, parents with other responsibilities, or parents with little education.
  • It needs a high degree of motivation on the part of both parents and children to be persistent and dedicated to studies.
  • There is a possibility of increased stress and tiredness because of taking on parenting and teaching duties.

Overall, we can say that homeschooling is effective for parents who are committed to taking responsibility for their child’s academics. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, every school has been forced to move to an entirely online curriculum and it turned out to be a game changer. Also, because of a number of factors including financial limitations, geographic location, and others, many parents are unable to send their children to school so, they’re opting for home-based education.

As many parents want to explore homeschooling option, as a safer learning environment. I found a few websites that provide educational materials such as school curriculum and how-to guides for parents. This may be an excellent place to begin learning about homeschooling if you have never done it before.

The following are some websites that may provide you with some insight into the world of homeschooling:

  2. Elly @Home – Elly:
  3. 21K School:
  4. Khan Academy:
  5. TED-Ed :
  6. Simple Homeschool:
  7. SAAR Education (I) Pvt. Ltd :
  8. Cambrilearn:
  9. Wolsey Hall Oxford:

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