Blog Ideas Topics For Beginner

Blogging has become so popular in today’s date and it can be done by anyone who have a passion for writing or have that thought that creates traffic on the site.

We can make blogging as our hobby or full-time career. It’s all about hard work and patience. It’s a game of traffic, so by improving website traffic and by updating content regularly one can make money from their blogs.

If you are thinking about starting your career in the blogging and are looking for a topic. Here, we share the list of most popular topics for you… so what you are waiting for 😃😃💓… choose your topic, passion, and turn your blogging hobby into a Job.

39 Blog topics and ideas to make money.

1)   Gardening

Subtopics example: we can write about the benefits of home gardening, Tips and Tricks, Gardening techniques, Tools used, disadvantages.

2)   Photography

Subtopics example: we can share details about  Type of Photography, Career in Photography, Tips & Tricks, Skills, History can be covered.

3)   Automobiles

Subtopics example: Details about Types of Automobiles, Compare, Review, and Courses can be shared.

4)   Biography 

Subtopics example: Types of Biography, Self-biography, Biography about someone famous, Biography writing Style, Short or Long biography can be covered.

5)   Lifestyle

Subtopics example: Physical activities, Healthy Diet, Factors for maintaining good health, and Stress management.

6)   Exam Notes for Students/ Study Materials

Subtopics example: Good Study notes are easy to learn and understand. It saves time. Exam notes or Study notes in bullet points/ paragraphs make learning easier.

7)   Upcoming Events & News

Subtopics example: Breaking news, Industry event news, Corporate events, Wedding planning, Spot’s event, Movies & Musical events.

8)   Health & Fitness

Subtopics example: Training & workout advice, Wellness & Lifestyle, Nutrition, Goal setting.

9)   Fashion & Style blog

Subtopics example: Upcoming themes, Fabric, Style, Brand, Makeup & Beauty, Body Shape, and Accessories.

10)   Weight loss Training

Subtopics example: Yoga, Weight control, Physical & Mental Health.

11)   Product Comparison & Product Review

Subtopics example: Highlight facts about the products, compare products or services readers are interested in.

12)   Business Ideas

Subtopics example: Provide relevant, useful, information on how start business, Good innovation ideas, Startup Ideas, Most successful business, and Most profitable business.

13)   Travel

Subtopics example: Essential travel guide, Holiday/vacation guide, Best places to travel, Climate, Food, Lifestyle, Rules & Restrictions.

14)   Food & recipes

Subtopics example: Diet recipes, Homemade party food recipes, Fast food recipes, Healthy food recipes, and Food recipes for kids.

15)   Gaming blogs

Subtopics example: Career in Gaming, Tournaments, Gaming latest news, Gaming Software, Online games, Advantage, Disadvantage and Video games.

16)   Beginner guides

Subtopics example: Quick guide, Tips & Tricks, Example: Narrative video game, Apps, tool, or any process.

17)   Interviews

Subtopics example: Introduction, Survey Interview, Job interview or any one-on-one discussion between an interviewer and an interviewee.

18)   FAQ (Frequently asked questions) & Survey

Subtopics example: FAQ helps deal with specific queries, so questions about a particular topic like business, App, Travel, Health, Politics, Shares.

19)   Motivational Stories/ Short Stories/Personal Stories

Subtopics example: Write about best inspirational stories, moral stories, Motivational Speeches, and Short stories.

20)   Things to do list

Subtopics example: The best to-do list for Travel, Apps, Excel, Design, Health, and Fitness. 

21)   Kitchen tips and tricks

Subtopics example: Cooking tips, Kitchen tricks & hacks, Unique tips, Ways to save time and money.

22)   Culture & tradition

Subtopics example: Unique tradition of India, Countries Rituals, Language, Festivals, Dress, and Foods.

23)   History

Subtopics example: Food history, Cultural, Economic, Social History, and Political history.

24)   DIY (Do It Yourself)

Subtopics example: Easy life hacks, Any craft you do it by yourself or any DIY ideas.

25)   Pets

Subtopics example: Tips and tricks for pets, Tips to make pets healthy and happy, Grooming, Nutrition, Medication, Exercise, and Food, Ideas about pets’ care.

26)   Finance

Subtopics example: Types of Finance, Financial Planning, Investment, Saving, Life protection, and Tax.

27)   Technology

Subtopics example: Talk about any techniques, methods, Types of Technology, Latest Technology news, and Technology Articles.

28)   Government policies

Subtopics example: Policies list, Advantages, License & documents required, Eligibility, and Criteria.

29)   Parenting

Subtopics example: Tips for Parenting, Parenting style, Importance, and Advantages.

30)   Political

Subtopics example: Political history, latest news, Function, and Elections.

31)   Festivals

Subtopics example: Types of festival, Job Opportunity, Culture, and heritage.

32)   Astrology Blogs,

Subtopics example: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscope, Idea, Articles, information, Home Vastu, Dos and Don’ts, and Astrology question answer.

33)   Any new trends blog

Subtopics example: Latest trends like Digital Market trends, Blogging trend, and Network marketing.

34)   Tool Navigation Guidelines blog

Subtopics example: Share guidelines on how to use any specific site, Apps or any other services. 

35)   Book review & feedback blog

Subtopics example: Blog about books, Most popular book, Best Indian books.

36)   Guides & Advice blog

Subtopics example: Guidance on any product and services.

37)   Productivity tips blog

Subtopics example: Tips and tricks for boosting productivity.

38)   Music blog

Subtopics example: Upcoming Music, Create audio blog, Sound blog, Music that inspire, and Music Therapy.

39)   Personal blog

Subtopics example: Personal daily routine, DYI, and Self-Biography.

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